Weber Mosquito Abatement District

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 Ogden, Utah 84404

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Weber Mosquito Abatement District 2017


Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinnis) are an exotic nonnative species to Utah (i.e., they have been introduced from outside the state). They have been an effectively used for mosquito control in many areas because of their adaptation for feeding from the surface of the water. When introduced into habitats where mosquitoes are breeding, mosquitofish will consume many mosquito larvae before the larvae can develop into flying adult mosquitoes. Mosquito abatement districts use mosquitofish as part of integrated mosquito management.

Mosquitofish can be provided by the Weber MAD at no additional charge to properties within  Weber County if the property meets specific criteria:

When conditions permit, mosquitofish will expand their population more than 1,000 times in less than a year. Because they are omnivorous, and because they can rapidly increase their population size so dramatically, mosquitofish also represent a threat to native fish and other aquatic species in Utah. Because mosquitofish will reproduce and mature rapidly, they can consume the eggs or larvae of other fish and amphibian species.

You can help reduce the threat mosquitofish pose to native fish and other aquatic wildlife species in Utah by only stocking mosquitofish in closed and/or screened systems where they cannot escape. They should never be moved or released into any waterways of the state because of the potential from spreading disease and interactions adversely impacting native  aquatic wildlife. Further, Utah Code Section 23-13-14 strictly prohibits the release of any live fish, including mosquitofish, into the wild. Violations are punishable as Class A misdemeanors. Should you wish to move live mosquitofish from the system in which they were originally placed due to draining the system, oncoming winter, or any other reason, please contact your mosquito abatement district to move the fish for you. Destroying or failing to prevent the death of the mosquitofish placed in your system is lawful.